meditation coaching



How often have you wondered if God heard your prayers, or if you were simply talking to yourself? 

Have there been moments when you desired something more from your prayer practice, but didn't know how to move from where you are? 

What if someone would walk along with you for a while to coach you into a new way or new ways to be present to yourself and God?

Meditation Coaching is one way to enter the practice of prayerful meditation -- not be so alone and to receive the support you need to begin or begin again this prayerful practice.

When you sign up for Meditation Coaching, you begin to receive a series of emails to help you start a meditation practice. It will include practical things to consider like when, where, how long, and choosing a prayer word or phrase. Your coaching will include some history of the specifically Christian practices of meditation and the Scriptures that undergird it. There are also helpful hints on what to do when distractions come or when 30 minutes of silence seems like an eon.

Perhaps best of all is the encouragement of the experiences of another meditator, sharing with you the joys of this ancient practice of prayer.

  • How to get Started

    Email to take the first step of the journey.  Today is the day to begin!

    A donation of any amount to Peace River Spirituality is welcome for this companioning service.

    If you are in the Southwest Florida area, and would like individualized meditation coaching, please contact the Center at:  941.922.1597 - ext. 108



    Beginning Medidation is a series of 10 reflections you receive via email. One reflection and some suggested practices will come to your inbox approximately every 10 days to encourage you to continue towards the meditative prayer experience you desire. 

    From behavioral scientists, we know that it takes months of repetitive action for something to become a habit. Beginning Meditation is meant to be by your side as you form a habit of silent prayer.

    Of course you are always welcome, if you are in the Sarasota area, to come meditate with us. Check the calendar for more information.