DAILY PRAYER is the life blood for followers of Jesus Christ. In our daily times of prayer we are reminded of who we are and Whose we are; we make a space in our spirit for the Spirit of God to work; we honor God by giving Him our time and we are led to those things that are God's will for our life.

Sometimes we are aided in our prayer by using devotionals or other spiritual readings. There likely will be times in our lives when one way of practicing daily prayer seems better to us than another. If you are ready to try something new in your time of daily prayer, let me suggest you use the Daily Office of Readings, or Liturgy of the Hours.

I first prayed the Liturgy of the Hours during my stay at the Abbey of Gethsemani. After a few years, I secured the books and began paging my way to construct a reading plan that went along with the church seasons.

But in this digital age, no such resource or struggling is necessary. 

There is a wonderful website: UNIVERSALIS which provides the readings right to your computer screen.

Each day you can join this concert of prayer in their morning, mid-day, noon, (evening) vesper or (night) compline prayer.

One of the benefits of using the Liturgy of the Hours, like the daily lectionary, is simply knowing that other brothers and sisters in faith are using those same Scriptures as they seek to be faithful.


It makes us a part of an invisible community standing before God together.

I commend to you regular daily prayer as well as times of meditation!